The Idea?

Hundreds of rivets go into the construction of an engine to make it whole, all playing their small part, and this inspired us and got us thinking! How could we raise the expected cost of £150,000 to see No 27 Primrose run again? Like each individual rivet that goes into the construction of an engine to make it whole if we where to break down this figure into a large number of individual monthly donations from a larger number of regular donating members the task of raising the funds to restore No 27 Primrose would become a lot less daunting and a lot more achievable!

 The Rivet Club! 

Hence the Rivet Club was born! Set at £3 a month to join the club (Less then a Pint of Beer to coin a catch phrase of a famous new build!) each member would contribute £36 a year. Not much you might say but if we where able to sign up 1000 members then this would equate to £36,000 a year towards the £150,000 needed and help to raise the funds required over a 5 year period!

So could YOU help us?

Join the Rivet Club today and make the difference! at £3 a month you could help us see No 27 Primrose return to steam within the next 5 years! Once sign'd up you'll also receive a copy of our quarterly E-newsletter as a way of saying thank you as well as keeping you up to date with our current progress! So help us today and click the sign up button below to join us!


Your only a few steps away from helping to see No.27 Primrose run again! Please provide us with your name & email plus tick our marketing permission and hit the sign up button below to take you through to our PayPal subscription payment page & finalize your monthly club Donation & Subscription and to start receiving your quarterly club E-newsletter. 

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