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Early Spring Engineering Update
07th March 2020

Having successfully completed the final riveting up of the rear drag box in the latter part of 2019, a daunting task with over 80 riveted joints....

End of Year Engineering Update
25th December 2019
It has been a busy winter working on 27 with the rear drag box & buffer beam complete and riveted in place for the close of the year....

Terrier 150 Fenchurch's Overhaul Begins
21st December 2019
With the 150th anniversary of Stroudley's famed "Terriers" fast approaching in 2022 an in-depth evaluation has been started on first of the class Fenchurch....

Valve Rods Return from machining at Statfold Barn
05th November 2019
We have just received back from Statfold barn our refurbished valve rods which where sent away.....

ISSUE No. 01 | SPRING 2020

  • Launch of The Rivet Club!
  • Chairman's Report
  • Engineering Update
  • Progress Summary
  • Battling the elements! A question of storage & space!
  • P tank in Profile No. 27
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Summer 2019 Engineering Update
04th August 2019

To the casual observer maybe not much has changed but with over 400 holes previously drilled we have slowly been setting up the frames over the summer carefully aligning the various frame plates, reaming through and countersinking the various holes and over the course of 3 weekends or so started to rivet up the frames mainly concentrating on the rear drag box.

In between this on going work has continued, with much thanks to the bluebell’s workshop staff and machine shop Foreman, fettling and finishing off the final machining of our cylinder block in house. Following splitting the block and some further machining we will be ready to trial fit the block back into the frames! Also Ian Ferguson, one of our volunteer machinist’s has been busy machining our piston heads to size and re-bushing the spring hanger brackets in preparation for these being re-fitted.....


Network Rail Volunteer Week 2019
03rd July 2019

Over the first week of July we had a small team of volunteers from Network Rail spending the week undertaking various tasks helping with the ongoing restoration of No 27 Primrose as well as helping with preventative maintenance & remedial display presentation of some of the Little Loco Group supported engines currently on display at Sheffield Park....

Spring 2019 Engineering Update
04th April 2019

With a week's annual leave booked some of the team spent the week making a start at riveting the frames! Both of the two frame stretchers have now been riveted home as well as the six running plate supports with the front two needing to be in place prior to the new cylinder block being fitted! Attention was then turned to making a start at fitting up the rear buffer beam and drag box and preparing this for riveting next!

Offsite at Statfold Barn the cylinders, now completed, where duly collected on the Friday of the working week despite the best efforts of the British motorway system & exceptionally bad congestion's but the effort was worth it!

Thanks must go to Statfold Barn for the excellent work that they have done machining our cylinder block, the guys taking the week off to work on 27 and Stuart & Paul for there valued help with riveting at the beginning of the week!

Engineering Update January 2019
31st January 2019

It’s been a little while since our last engineering update but despite the weather we have slowly been moving forwards on many fronts! Work has focused on setting up the frames and getting them square ready for riveting! Also whilst the weather has been against us we have been busy making a start on re-furbishing various parts of the motion cleaning, inspecting & re-machining where necessary. Off site the cylinder block is progressing well and should be ready for collection with’in the next month or to.....

November 2018 Update 
05th November 2018

With a few weekends of unusually mild weather and help from other loco department volunteers the team successfully finished preparing the frame plates and set about erecting the frames and taking initial steps to leveling them! The above picture shows the new frame plates being erected into position....

Autumn 2018 Engineering Update 
30th October 2018

It’s been a few months since we’ve had any significant news on the restoration front to share with you, not to say we haven’t been busy but it has involved countless hours upon hours of grinding the various faces of the frames square! With this now completed, and various alignment reference marks spotted, the two frame plates have been split and we can hopefully accelerate now to finishing the prep work on the frames and erecting the basic frame assembly before the years end!

Meanwhile whilst all this has been going on Sean has been busy grit blasting and painting up the horn guides and various other components in readiness for remedial work and refitting to the new frames....

Mid Summer 2018 Update 
04th August 2018

With the weather firmly on our side the team has made great progress towards achieving our goals of working towards erecting the new frames by the end of the year!

With a few weekends and a couple of days holiday to spare Matt and Ben have all but completed the drilling of all the holes in the new frame plates! Following on from this the frames now need all of the horn slots machining square and then we should be in a good position to erect the new frames!

Also at our last monthly working day in July the team got together and finally took the plunge disassembling the remains of the old frames into a flat pack P tank....

Late June 2018 Update 
18th June 2018

Following on from completing the final marking out of  the frames earlier in the month a start was made at drilling out and reaming through each individual hole. Prior to this the the two frame plates where carefully position one on top of the other, so that we could assured that both frame plates match each other! The above photo shows Matt machining the first hole....

Early June  2018 Update 
05th June 2018

Talking of you’ve been framed (or at least Matt does) today Matt has also finished the task of painstakingly marking out all of the hole positions for the main frames! just over 400 holes in total and roughly 24 man hours spread over the last couple of months, weather dependent! Following verification and a quick double check, measure twice cut once as the old saying goes, we should be in a position to commence drilling the main frames at our next working day later in the month....

Cylinders go for Machining 
8th March 2018

The Cylinder Blocks have been sent away to our friends at Statfold Engineering Ltd for machining!!

Undeterred by the British weather, on Friday, Matt and Ben popped up and delivered the cylinder block castings to Statfold Engineering Ltd for machining!

Another little milestone for the group and the ongoing restoration of 27.....

Hatton's P Tank 
1st March 2018

A fine model of the best P class on the cover of the April 2018 Railway Modeler. This is the forthcoming Hattons model....

February 2018 Working Day 
11th February 2018

A brief engineering update on the progress made on our monthly working day for February......

January 2018 Working Day 
22nd January 2018

With the group together for our monthly working day, progress was made on making a start on riveting the rear drag-box up! After a successful day of riveting this plate is now ready for a coat of paint and machining to square this sub-assembly up to aid in the erection of the main frames.....

Christmas 2017 Update
25th December 2017

A brief works picture update of progress on 27 over the Christmas period and the beginning of the new year....

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