Mid Summer Update 
04th August 2018

With the weather firmly on our side the team has made great progress towards achieving our goals of working towards erecting the new frames by the end of the year!

With a few weekends and a couple of days holiday to spare Matt and Ben have all but completed the drilling of all the holes in the new frame plates! Following on from this the frames now need all of the horn slots machining square and then we should be in a good position to erect the new frames!

Also at our last monthly working day in July the team got together and finally took the plunge disassembling the remains of the old frames into a flat pack P tank! We also welcome’d Russ to the team who made himself most helpful drilling and shelling out broken stays in the front counterweight!

The opportunity was also taken to have a good clear up of our little site and set-up a new area with better forklift access for assembling the new frames! Temporarily we have placed the cab in this area to help Clive and his team of Network Rail Employees on their Charity works days cleaning up and helping to preserve the cab from any further deterioration from the elements!

Offsite the cylinder blocks, as well as all of the fitted bolts and studs, will soon be machined at Statfold Barn with an expected completion date set for the end of October. So hopefully by the “Giants of Steam” event we should have the new block back on site and ready to fit!

Bird’s eye view of our July Working day with Russ busy shelling out and removing old stays in the front counterweight (bottom left), Bean and Sean removing the final few rivets in the old frames (top right) before dismantling and the new frames can be seen all drilled outside the Villa’s (middle left!)
Matt gas cutting out some of the final rivets holding the old frames together!
Close up action shot.
The Team busy working away at dis assembling the old frames.
Russ hard at work shelling out old broken studs from the front counterweight.
Shelling out you ask…? this is the process of removing a snapped stud in a threaded hole and involves grinding the remains of the old stud flush, drilling out the center and then collapsing the remains of the stud into the center hole using a shelling tool to hopefully save the old threaded hole for reuse!
The Motion plate set and ready for removal!
And out she comes!
Meanwhile with the motion plate removed the disassembly of the old frames could start! Firstly the frames where lifted free of the stands and set down on the floor.
Chains re- Jigged ready for finally separating the two remaining frame plates!
Finally the frames are disassembled!
Flat pack P tank!
With the old frames dissembled the site was cleaned up and rearranged!
Flat packed P tank and wheel sets moved back into the site previously occupied by the old frames!


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