Engineering Update January 2019
31st January 2019

It’s been a little while since our last engineering update but despite the weather we have slowly been moving forwards on many fronts! Work has focused on setting up the frames and getting them square ready for riveting! Also whilst the weather has been against us we have been busy making a start on re-furbishing various parts of the motion cleaning, inspecting & re-machining where necessary. Off site the cylinder block is progressing well and should be ready for collection with’in the next month or to!

After a successful 2018, keeping to our predicted time line, with the initial erection of the main frames we hope to achieve the following for the coming year!


Current Plan

  • Setup & square off frames.
  • Ream & rivet up new frames.
  • Setup & fit new cylinder block to frames.
  • Machine & fit horn guides.
  • Build up rear Drag-box.
  • Continue with painting up wheels and new frame.

18 month plans

  • Re-metal axle boxes and machine with view to rolling chassis!
  • Water cut,cast & machine new valves,horn wedges,slide bars & leading horn liners.
  • Drill and fit running plates,side valances, etc.
  • Work towards a rolling chassis & re-wheeling.
  • New side tanks & bunker.
  • look into SECR bottle buffers.
  • start on pipe work (Vac/Steam heat).
  • Motion work/spring etc.
An earlier view of the RHS Cylinder block showing how well the machining is progressing!
Rear view of the RHS cylinder block on the boring machine at Statfold Engineering Ltd.
LHS Cylinder block on the boring machine at Statfold Engineering Ltd.
RHS Cylinder block showing the underneath and the drain cock bosses machined!

ylinder bore!
LHS Cylinder block.
LHS Cylinder block jointing faces machined and valve face.
Machined valve face.
On a cold and wet weekend in January the team where out checking and adjusting the squareness of the frames using the trusty trammels to check diagonals.n a cold and wet weekend in January the team where out checking and adjusting the squareness of the frames using the trusty trammels to check diagonals.
Centers being checked for alignment.
A quick check of the frame spacing using the laser measure.
A consistent measure at several locations along the frames!! In old money this equates to 4ft as specified in the original drawings!
Scribe’d center line of the axle.
And from the scribe’d axle center lines a check was made ,using a laser, that the two frame plates where directly opposite each other!
One of the frame stretchers in the welding bay receiving some repairs to the rivet holes.
Close up showing the worn holes having been repaired where necessary, re drilled and re countersunk.
Part of the rear drag box loosely assembled and ready to fit to the frames.
Work on the leading horns machining the worn out faces ready to receive new false faces.
RHS driving horn setup on the shaper ready for machining.
Ian Ferguson at the controls drilling out the eccentric machining Jigs holding down cap.
Raw material setup in the lathe ready for turning the eccentric machining jig.
Turning in progress!
The Jig holes being precisely drilled.
Key way slot being machined out on the Jig.
Thanks to Ian Ferguson the eccentric machining Jig finished and the first eccentric being setup ready for it to be turn true.
The eccentric being clock’d to see how out of round it is to start.
The finished eccentric!
Eccentric machined round again and true to its keyway!
Setting up and re machining the damaged valve rod tapered end.
Truing up the tapered valve rod end.
Little painting exercise whilst its cold outside.
Steam reverser oiler overhauled.
Setting up one of the pistons ready to remove the rings and piston head.
Removing the piston head nut.
Piston head removed and cleaned up.


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