End of Year Engineering Update
25th December 2019

It has been a busy winter working on 27 with the rear drag box & buffer beam complete and riveted in place for the close of the year. The cylinder block has also been split ready for final machining & the second wheel set has also entered the works over winter and is progressing well with the aim to having all three of the wheelsets painted up into top coat by the summer.

Ian Ferguson joined us for 3 weeks over Christmas and progressed a number of jobs in the machine shop with new piston rods and wedges being made giving us a complete assembly with only the piston rings to order from an external supplier at a later date.

Ian has also re-bushed and repaired all the bronze glands which attach to the cylinder block and has machined our blast pipe casting obtained a few years ago to fit to the top of the cylinder block. All of these items are now in stock ready for when the cylinder block is fitted to the frames hopefully sometime in the late Spring or early Summer of 2020.

New versus old with the newly manufactured RHS piston rod trial fitted into the piston head with only the cotter hole needing to be slotted out at a later date. A brief study of the above picture shows the as new Diameter of the re-manufactured rod compared to the spindly life expired LHS rod behind it!
Blast pipe castings freshly machined and ready to be put into stock.
Thread gauge blank made for testing and machining the new piston rod nuts.
Two new piston rod nuts machined with the old example in the background.
Brass dome headed nuts for the blast pipe that should hopefully survive better in the harsh environment found within the smokebox compared to their steel counterparts.
Brake bow beams with there ends re machined round.
A close up of the machined ends.
A view towards the end of the year showing the almost completed rear drag box assembly in place with only the final few rivets to set in.
Support angles for the rear buffer beam set and ready for riveting.
Rear buffer beam drilled and ready for the final few countersunk rivets to be fitted.
Some of the final 5/8" rivets set in place & ready for a coat of paint.
One of the first components ready to be riveted onto the new frames! This is the one the cylinder cocks control rod pivot brackets half way down the frames!
Meanwhile inside the warmth of the main workshop, using the custom tool manufactured by Ian Ferguson, the various back facing operations have been carried out on the cylinder block prior to splitting of the block half's. The picture shows the as cast state before machining of the back face seat.
A while later the square machined back face seating has been cut.
Another example of the back facing seat having been cut in a difficult to reach position.
The tool set in place and set for cutting all by hand!
Following on from the completion of the back face seats being cut each bolt and its location have been numbered ready for removal and the block to be split.
More reference numbering on the top of the block.
Cylinder block strapped up and ready to be split once the final bolts have been removed.
A brief period later and the two half's of the cylinder block have been split and safely stowed on a palette awaiting final machining work.
The valve faces revealed ready for machining the top & bottom reliving grooves.
Piston rod packing glands in the process of being re-bushed by Ian Ferguson.


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