Christmas Update 
25th December 2017


A brief works picture update of progress on 27 over the Christmas period and the beginning of the new year! The above picture show's Ben busy machining true the brake cylinder support angle irons which will subsequently be riveted to the rear Dragbox & will suspend the main brake cylinder once fitted!  

Carefully taking the first cut.
The finished article with both outside edges now perfectly square to each other.
Meanwhile the rear dragbox and angle irons where ream’d through to finish size ready for riveting. This finishing through with a bridge reamer ensures that the plate work and angle iron holes are perfectly inline and round!
The rear Dragbox horizontal plate ready for riveting! The angle iron that Ben machining earlier for the brake cylinder have also been fitted and are also ready for riveting!
Meanwhile thanks to the workshop manager we have been allow’d a small space within the works to progress the painting of the wheels. This would be impossible outside at this time of year! Steve Booth has been busy filling in casting pits and sanding back the spokes for a lovely smooth finish!
Ben has also been busy at the beginning of the new year machining up the reinforcing plate for the front buffer beam where the draw-hook goes through!


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