Starting out in 2015 the group took on the challenge of overhauling 27 back to working order. After initial examination it became clear, from the deteriorated state of the engine, that Project 27 would actually be a full blown restoration! Withdrawn from active service in 1974 an attempt to return her to service in 1983 saw 27 stripped down to a rolling chassis but, as was so often the case at the time, this was found to be beyond the skills of the basic workshop capability back then, so the restoration stalled. Fast forwarding on 32 years later the group discovered that time had not been kind to poor old 27!
  • The frames had seriously corroded under the rear bunker with fist size holes in the main frames and the rear drag box completely rusted away!
  • cracks in the main frames.
  • Both buffer beams bent out of shape from a shunting incident whilst in storage!
  • Cylinder block corroded through into the internal passage ways on top.
  • Bunker & both tanks corroded beyond economic repair.
  • Right hand side big end strap cracked.
  • Tired boiler in need of major repairs.
  • many components scattered across the railway or used as spare parts on the running fleet.
  • General corrosion and deterioration from 32 years outdoors and in pieces.

Undeterred by the state of 27 the group have pushed on to see the forgotten P return’d to her former glory using both traditional and more modern approaches to her restoration & rebuild.


Little Loco Group
Bluebell Railway
Station Approach
TN22 3QL

 Email: enquiries@littlelocogroup.co.uk


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