Current Plan
  • Setup & square off frames.
  • Ream & rivet up new frames.
  • Setup & fit new cylinder block to frames.
  • Machine & fit horn guides 
  • Build up rear Drag-box.
  • continue with painting up wheels and new frame.
  • re-metal axle boxes and machine with view to rolling chassis!
  • Water cut,cast & machine new valves,horn wedges,slide bars & leading horn liners.
  • Drill and fit running plates,side valances, etc.
  • work towards a rolling chassis & re-wheeling.
 18 month plans
  • Re-Wheeling.
  • New side tanks & bunker.
  • look into SECR bottle buffers.
  • start on pipe work (Vac/Steam heat).
  • Motion work/spring etc.
Progress to date
To date, apart from consolidating all the scattered parts of 27, we have been busy working towards building up a new rolling chassis.  We will be using old and new component in order to give us a firm foundation on which to rebuild 27 back to a working engine. This has included;
  • Marking out and drilling frames plus associated plate work.
  • Machine leading horns.
  • Building up & riveting rear Drag-box.
  • Dis-assemble Original Frames.
  • Erecting new frame work.
  • Making a start at painting up wheels and new frames.
  • Working towards re-metal axle boxes!
Previous work
  • Re-Profiling/turning the wheels & axle journals.
  • Wheel sets being painted up into top coat with the leading wheel-set done.
  • Production of CAD models leading to plasma cutting of new frame plates at Tata Steel.
  • Production of CAD models for Poly Pattern cylinder molds & subsequent casting of new cylinder block .
  • Commencement of machining the cylinder block at Statfold Barn.
  • prepared axle boxes for re-metalling and machining.
  • Machining and repair work to the steam reverser as an evening class project.
  • Vacuum cylinder overhauled and tested.
  • various smaller components clean up and painted ready for fitting.

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