The Little Loco Group

The Little Loco Group was formally formed in 2017 through the partnership between the Fenchurch Fund and the Wainwright Villas Gang in the effort to fund and undertake the overhaul & restoration of the Bluebell’s smaller engines.

In line with the Bluebell Railway’s Locomotive policy, of keeping two of our smaller engines in traffic, the group aims to help keep an example of one of our two LBSCR A1X terrier (No.55 Stepney & No.72 Fenchurch) or one of the three SECR P tanks (No.27 Primrose, No.323 Bluebell & No.178 “Pioneer II”) in a serviceable and operational condition at all times as well as supporting the restoration of some of the other pre-grouping smaller engines within the Bluebell Railways Historical fleet.

Since 2001, after fundraising and restoring LBSCR No.72 Fenchurch back into service, the Fenchurch Fund has been raising money for the restoration of SECR No.27 also known as Primrose.

With the completion of Captain Baxter, by the Villa’s Gang, the two parties joined forces to see the return of the Bluebell’s forgotten P No.27 Primrose to a serviceable & operational condition.


Little Loco Group
Bluebell Railway
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