18th June working day Update

*****Progress on Project 27, working day June 2018*****
An update after our June working day.

After hours of carefully marking out, the first hole can now be drilled. The two frame plates have carefully been position, one on top of the other, so that we can be assured that both frame plates match each other!
The first hole being cut in our new main frames.
And the moment when the cutter breaks through for the first time!
To secure the two plates together, after drilling the initial hole, Ben is using a bridge reamer to finish a selected non critical hole to final size. Then using a precision machined pin inserted into the finished hole the two plates can be locked together!
Reaming in action!
The finished hole ream’d to size!
At the front end of the two frame plates all the centre marks have been circled in chalk pen and hole sizes marked to help show each hole position and avoid any holes being drilled in the wrong place or to the wrong size! Also in this picture, one can make out the head of one of the locating pins as well as a temporary bolt fitted to hold the two plates firmly together whilst all the holes are drilled through!
Progress so far at the back end with all the rear holes drilled ready for being assembled to the rear dragbox!
Mean while inside the villa’s Sean has been busy needle gunning,degreasing and getting a coat of bonda Primer on the front and rear buffer beams!
As well as some of the many angle irons and spacer plates in preparation for assembling the new frames.