Cylinders go for machining!

The Cylinder Blocks have been sent away to our friends at Statfold Engineering Ltd for machining!!

Undeterred by the British weather, on Friday, Matt and Ben popped up and delivered the cylinder block castings to Statfold Engineering Ltd for machining!

Another little milestone for the group and the ongoing restoration of 27 but now to a little begging/help post without regular donations we won’t be able to keep up with our current progress!!

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Strapped up and ready to go! plus snow!
The Cylinder castings loaded and ready for their journey!
Beating the snow we made it up to deliver our cylinders to Statfold Engineering Ltd!
Inside Statfold Engineering Ltd Workshop showing the impressive setup!
The boring machine which will be doing most of the work on our cylinder block!
One of the CNC lathes.
Progress at home with the rear buffer beam drilled and the front buffer beam brought in for the same treatment!
Before and after! Rear buffer beam meets front buffer beam!
The rear Drag-box plate has also been drilled (closet to the picture) and is now ready for the re-enforcing plate to be riveted on!
Side valance parts painted up in Bonda primer ready for welding to make up the side valances!
Progress on the Overhaul of the Vacuum brake cylinder!
Vacuum brake cylinder and cover in Bonda primer.
Vacuum brake piston non working surfaces painted up!
and the reverse side!
Inside of the top cover in final coat!

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