January Working Day

With the group together for our monthly working day, progress was made on making a start on riveting the rear drag-box up! After a successful day of riveting this plate is now ready for a coat of paint and machining to square this sub-assembly up to aid in the erection of the main frames. Also many thanks for the workshop staff allowing us to use there space and equipment for the day! As always this project is self funded and run by a small team of volunteers and any donations will help us hopefully keep up the good progress so far! So if you feel you can help spare a penny for a P please visit our donate page below!

Matt & Reuben discussing & checking the set-up before work commences!
Another shot from the dry run. A good riveted joint can only be achieved from good planning and team work!
measuring blank rivets for cutting to size.
Cameron cutting the rivets to size for the plate work.
Starting to heat the rivers up.
The rivets have carefully been brought up-to a yellow heat at which point they are ready for being riveted any hotter than this and they would start melting!
Glowing hot rivets!
Matt inspects the rivets once they have been set in and cool’d down!

The riveting finished and all the angles now firmly fixed to the Horizontal drag-box plate.
Some of the formed rivet heads holding on one of the angle irons which will hold the Brake Cylinder on to the engine.
Side angle riveted on which can now be machined square to aid in setting up the frames!
And the other side! the square hole at the top is for the handbrake column rod to pass through.