Christmas Update

A brief works picture update of progress on 27 over the Christmas round up and the beginning of the new year!

Ben has been busy machining true the angle irons which hang the brake cylinder from the rear dragbox assembly.
Carefully taking the first cut.
Machining in progress.
The finished article! Both outside edges are now perfectly at 90 Degree’s to each other.
The rear buffer beam has been brought into the dry and partial warmth of the villa’s for drilling.
A quick wire brush brings back the arc markings.
Meanwhile the rear dragbox and angle irons where ream’d through to finish size ready for riveting. This finishing through with a bridge reamer ensures that the plate work and angle iron holes are perfectly inline and round!
The rear dragbox horizontal plate ready for riveting! The angle iron that Ben machining earlier for the brake cylinder have also been fitted and are also ready for riveting!
A close up of the ream’d holes with a small relief chamfer set in for the rivet heads. You can just make out the hairline break between the plate and angle iron, this also hopefully shows you how the bridge reamer perfectly cuts an aligned hole through the two parts!
Meanwhile thanks to the workshop manager we have been allow’d a small space within the works to progress the painting of the wheels. This would be impossible outside at this time of year! Steve Booth has been busy filling in casting pits and sanding back the spokes for a lovely smooth finish!
A lot of time and efforts goes into the preparation work but this should pay off when we finally get to final top coat! The spokes on this side are now starting to look very smooth compared to when Steve started!
Ben has also been busy at the beginning of the new year machining up the reinforcing plate for the front buffer beam where the draw-hook goes through!
Machining in progress cutting the reliefs for the front buffer beam angle iron!
A busy day’s machining and all ready for when the front buffer beam is assembled! The square hole in the middle is where the draw-hook passes through.